Black Madre Atelier

Fine Art, Illustration & Design

Havana Club Havana Club's Premium Rum

Agency: BBDO, NYC
Client: Bacardi
Art Direction: Cesar Finamori and Danilo Boer
My Role: Illustrations
Lettering and Ornamentation: Kevin Cantrell Studio
Campaign to: Havana Club’s Premium Rum

“The Golden Age Aged Well”

“Make no mistake, this is the original Havana Club Rum Recipe, Brought of Cuba during the revolution by the very family that created it.
Now, this many years later, how the world has changed. But not the Rum. It was legendary then. Wait until you taste it now. The Glitz, the romance, the razz and matazz of the Golden Age of Cuba. If only someone had bottled it. Lucky for us, they did.”

Firstly, we have received professional photos selected by the agency. We started doing a general mood for the main composition and after that we improved the illustrations’ details, step by step, bringing brightness and contrast for every single part of the characters. After that we drew a huge number of lines, crossing them each other to show up the shapes’ volume.