Black Madre Atelier

Fine Art, Illustration & Design

Agency: AlmapBBDO
Client: Getty Images
Digital Head of Art: Pedro Burneiko
Art Director: Renato Butori, Hauck Araujo
Copywriter: Daniel Oksenberg, Rodrigo Resende
Audio Production: Punch Audio
Assistant Illustrator: Rafael Duque (Ratão)

Based on the original art cover by Mark Freier

Getty Images has a massive stock of music and sound effects for sale. To bring it to life, AlmapBBDO set its creatives on a whole new adventure: Taking the 1922 classic silent film Nosferatu and giving it fresh auditory life in a campaign called “Not Silent Film.”
The new sound was composed of thousands of Getty audio files over thousands of hours.

We have recreated the posters inspired by the film’s original promotional billboards, focusing on Nosferatu and his newfound ability to audibly creep you out. Users can watch the full one-and-a-half-hour remake at The site also includes a sound timeline of the production, and access to each file used in the film. An accompanying making-of details the production process. It’s available in both English and Portuguese.