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Arapuru Premium Gin


Arapuru is the first premium Gin made in Brazil. Its recipe respects the British tradition, but what makes it unique is the Brazilian touch. Its history is full of cultural signs and historical details. Its taste is a mixture of delicate sensations with a burst of colors and energy. Arapuru brings for its recipe several Brazilian ingredients, coming from all regions of the country, this cultural combination was our most significant source of inspiration.

We started this project from extensive cultural research, exploring the five regions of Brazil, we created icons, ornaments, and illustrations from that briefing. Every content created from this research became later the main composition of the label.
We also created for Arapuru an illustration guide, a library of graphics elements made based on our cultural research. That library of illustrations served as a vast promotional and social media content.




Andre Maciel (Black Madre), Kevin Cantrell and Duo Pixel

CMYK, Pantone, Hot Stamp and Relief


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Client Arapuru·
Designers Andre Maciel (Black Madre), Kevin Cantrell and Duo Pixel·
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